SCAMP is a research study being led by Imperial College London which will investigate whether use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies might affect children’s cognitive and behavioural development (Information Booklet for Parents here).

Your child's school is participating in the SCAMP study. This means all Year 7 pupils will undertake an in-class computerised cognitive assessment, repeated in Year 9. If you do not want your child to take part in the assessment please let us know by using the contact details provided below.

We will use these school assessment data in a de-identified form for research purposes, unless you have informed us otherwise. We are now asking you to enhance the study by providing your permission for us to access additional routine information and link the school assessment data to your child’s details.

If you are happy to provide your permission, please complete steps 1-3 below (5-10 mins), and we will send you a £10 Gift Certificate* to thank you for your time:

  1. Register your personal details e.g. name, contact details
  2. Provide your permission for the research team to access the following routine records in confidence:
    1. mobile phone traffic data from your child’s network operator e.g. frequency, duration and amount of your child’s mobile phone use (but never including any phone numbers communicated with, message/download content, or websites visited).
    2. your child's educational records.
    3. your child's routine health records.
  3. Register your child’s personal details e.g. name, address, date of birth

To receive an additional £20 Gift Certificate*, please complete the online parent questionnaire (20-30 minutes) at Please also encourage your child to complete the online child questionnaire (10-15 minutes).

All data collected or accessed in the study will be used for research purposes only, and all personalised data will be kept strictly confidential, and stored securely on a private and secure computer network at Imperial College London. No data identifying individuals will ever be published.

If you have any queries please email or call 0800 007 5557

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* Please see the study website for terms and conditions